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Our focus has always been the product INSIDE the box. We need a few basic pieces of information about your unique product in order to design the appropriate packaging.


1. Size

We need to know how big to build the crate. We want to accommodate for the size of the product and allow a few inches of clearance for ease of packaging and a little added protection.


2. Weight

We’re looking for a relatively accurate estimation here. This coupled with the size of the crate determines the core design.


3. Destination

Certain countries have regulations above and beyond those set out by ISPM No.15, so we need to know where it is heading so you can avoid unnecessary shipping delays.


4. Quantity

We strive to make your crating solution as economical as possible. We may be able to provide some savings with quantity orders.


5. Special Requirements

Is there anything we missed? Do you need water proofing, insulation, bubble wrap, hinges, internal components, foam, stenciling, etc? Let us know specific needs for your product, and we will incorporate it in to our quote.


Sometimes products are so unique the above questions may be almost impossible to make clear via email. No problem! Give us a call and we will pay a personal visit to your facility and help you design the crate to meet your budget and ensure a safe trip for your product.