About Us

Nuline Crates was established in 1998, supplying crates for a select few clients throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. With little more than a couple of saws and 4500 square feet of manufacturing space, we set out to build crates.

Today Nuline Crates services hundreds of clients from our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Abbotsford, B.C. Our priority has been to invest in state-of-the-art machinery that increases our accuracy and efficiency, so we can supply our clients with the highest quality product for the most competitive price. Our services have grown beyond wooden crates; we provide complete packaging solutions to fit your needs and budget. 



We are dedicated to providing innovative custom wooden packaging solutions to maximize shipping success.


Core Values

1. Innovation

We commit to the art of creating the best overall packaging solution for our client. We aim to provide maximum product safety, increase packaging ease, and relentlessly pursue cost reduction.

2. Service

We will go the extra mile to provide our client with appropriate knowledge, accurate timelines, and a quality product. We aim to provide an experience that will earn our clients confidence and respect!

3. Integrity

We will operate with honesty and reliability; treating our clients and each other with respect and being concerned with the health and safety of people and the environment.

4. Dedication

We will be accountable for the commitments we make, the results we produce, and the quality of our product.

5. Expertise

We dedicate ourselves to acquire the knowledge necessary to provide our client with the best possible solutions. We will strive toward improvement by being self critical and learning from our successes and failures.


Require Custom Work

Each project is different, therefore, our crates are customized to meet the specifications of your product, and we guarantee to build you a user friendly, quality container.


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2031 Paramount Crescent

   Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 6A5

tel: 1-604-850-5200

fax: 1-604-850-5252

email: info@nulinecrates.com